Vionna’s Cake Creations

Personalised beautiful wedding cakes made to your own specification. Using all fresh quality ingredients. Delivery to Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent.

About me

I have been making cakes since my children were small and without giving my age away, has been over 30 years. My hobby started with Thomas the Tank Engineer and Barbie and escalated from here. Over the years the children have grown up and I have had more time to focus on classical and traditional type of cakes. Every cake is handmade and nothing is manufactured. Each sugar craft flower design is hand crafted and icing is by hand.  Overall 36 roses will take approximately 12 hours to make. So lots of love and passion goes into my work.

I have a passion working with sugar paste and since my Daughter’s wedding, I realised I have a natural talent, a keen eye for detail and a flair for cake design..

Cake making is a personal passion and lots of care and attention goes into each of the cakes I make. I generally like to meet clients to discuss their ideas and get to know their personalities before I start baking.  This also helps to facilitate creating a beautiful piece of work which illustrates a couples interests and likes into their wedding cake.

To date every one of my cakes have been received with happiness, tears and true gratitude for the hard work and effort that I put in and overall product. Please see the Testimonials page for kind words from my Customers.